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   Squires, Cadets, and Arcarius

                                       MAY 5TH TO THE 7TH


All aspirants to excellence should be versed in the art of dance. The dance competition portion of Squire, Cadets, and Arcarius (SCA) event the first weekend of May, hosted by the Barony of Loch Soilleir, has two options for the entrants to vie for the Prize. The dance competition will count towards the scoring for the S.C.A. overall Champion.

The first option is to prepare a dance of the entrant's choosing to be judged. You must bring your own music(ians) and dance set. Documentation applauded but not required. Judging for prepared dances can be at a scheduled time. Middle Eastern dance allowed with notification to me prior to the event.

The second option is to dance Petit Vriens during the main dance time. This dance will be taught Friday night during an open teach and dance ball. It will also be taught during a specified time on Saturday (not all day). As a 3 person dance, set partners can be provided or you may bring your own. Below are links to help learn the dance.

Joy & Jealousy online (main page)

J&J dance instructions

J&J step descriptions

J&J music (electronically produced)…/mp3-cd/joy_jeal/petit_v.mp3

Within the Southern Region, Mistress Perronnelle is willing to travel to you to teach. Please contact her via Charlene Charette on FB or to make arrangements. Questions concerning the dance competition may be directed to Kaitlyn McKenna ( Robbin Foster on FB) at


Come prepared to show us your best.

All entries will be a single entry. Documentation is encouraged, but not required for your single entry. Remember: you do NOT have to be participating in the marshallate activities to participate in the Arts and Sciences competition. Come and bring your best!

Contact is: HL René Damours, WSA  Current Arts and Sciences Champion for the Barony of Loch Soilleir